Tuesday, October 28, 2014

how to import database into oracle?

Import schemas(table,view,trigger,cursor etc.) into Oracle:

There are two ways to import shcemas.
 1. Using Directory
 2. Without using Directory

1. Using Directory:-

Step i.
  Create a folder at first in any drive.

Step ii. 
  Open SQL prompt and create a directory using given syntax:
   SQL> create directory directory-name as folder-name
 where directory-name is any name and folder-name must be what you've created in step 1.

Step iii. 
 Exit from sql prompt and write import command at command prompt using given synatx:
 C:\> impdp User/password dumpfile=file-name.dmp directory=directory-name remap_schema=Old User:New User
 where User is user-name with import privilege, password is the password for that user,  file name is exported dump file name with extension .dmp, directory-name is the same name what you created in step ii. and for remap_schema, old user is the user for which  you exported already the schema(table, view, function etc.)  and NewUser the user for which u want to import database.

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