Thursday, November 27, 2014

About me

That's me Avnish Alok, the guy behind this blog, a Software Engineer, Blogger, Freelancer and a true technology geek indeed. I believe in the ideology of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN great quote "He that can have patience can have what he will". I retain all such qualities to be a technology geek i:e; spend my much more time with computer, treating my pc as a family member, awake up at every morning with more passion to know about new tools & technologies, dig deeply to know more about each stuff.
                               Apart from my profession i love to write poems and reading novels as well. I write poems of genres like inspirational and romantic.

I hold my PG degree(MCA) in Information Technology and planning to do P.H.D in the same. As I’m a blogger, it is obvious to do blogging so, CS HOT TOPICS is the outcome. With the help of this blog I share my knowledge to my friends, my colleagues and to the entire world.  

 CS HOT TOPICS is a technical blog for open source enthusiasts that always updates with latest tools & technologies. As the name suggest it covers hot topics of computer programming in various languages(java, jsp, servlet, php, mysql, oracle) to name a few with latest tools(ajax, jquery). You can get more to visit here

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